Where are all the photos?

Live Life Like You Don't Give A F...

They will appear here eventually, meanwhile some are to be found in my blog posts

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An Autumn Walk

This time of year is always so colourful. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

To Flickr or Not to Flickr

I'm contemplating what to do whilst I decide Whether to be blackmailed into going Pro at Flickr. Meanwhile I've decided to upload more photos here...

24mm RMC Tokina II 2.8

This is another manual focus lens tha doesn't get particularly good reviews. I like it though, when you hit that sweet spot I think it gives cracking...

Takumar (bayonet) 135mm 2.5

I have many old lenses I've picked up over the years, occasionally I take one out, usually attached to my Pentax K5-iis. Today I took the above lens...

Panasonic G3 Test Shots

Mr A Surpised me with a gift - a secondhand Panasonic G3. These are some test shots from its first outing.

The Story of the Bench

How did it happen? How did it come to take so many pictures of people on one particular bench, and then to take so many pictures of people on other benches?...

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