An Autumn Walk

This time of year is always so colourful. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

This way That way


Holly Berries

Obligatory Sqirrel

Red leaf

seed pods


To Flickr or Not to Flickr

I'm contemplating what to do whilst I decide Whether to be blackmailed into going Pro at Flickr. Meanwhile I've decided to upload more photos here even though I'm still not completley happy with this website.

24mm RMC Tokina II 2.8

This is another manual focus lens tha doesn't get particularly good reviews. I like it though, when you hit that sweet spot I think it gives cracking results. There's no A setting so aperture settings listed here are just those I recall.

Settings for this dial thingy were f11 ISI 400 1/125sec Dial thingy

Autumnal bits and bobs settings were f8 ISO 400 1/400sec Autumnal bits and bobs

I think this ws f4 or 5.6 other settings ISO 320 1/500sec Flowering beauty

Settings for these rays of sunshine were the same as the previous Rays of Sunshine

This shaded rose was trying to reach out to the sunshine, if I recall corectly it was taken at f4 ot maybe it was 2.8 ISO was 320 speed 1/1000 Shaded rose

Enough of the settings, just enjoy! Sunflower

Just checking my manual focusing abilities. ladybird

Had to have alittle go with some street snapping. Just a tad scared

Post processing for mono What day is it?

And finally... Pigeon fancier

Takumar (bayonet) 135mm 2.5

I have many old lenses I've picked up over the years, occasionally I take one out, usually attached to my Pentax K5-iis. Today I took the above lens out. Looking online it doesn't have a great reputation. It's prone to CA but otherwise I found it a fun lens. Judge for yourself from the photos below. Where I've remembered the f setting I used I've added it in the title.

Defensive robin (f2.5) Defensive robin (f2.5)

Dewy rose (f5.6) Dewy rose (f5.6)

Pink folds (f8) Pink folds (f8)

Singing robin (f4) Singing robin (f4)

I wasn't singing I wasn't singing

Cracked Cracked

Caught sneaking under a picnic bench Caught sneaking under a picnic bench

Nuts Nuts

A nice cup of tea A nice cup of tea

Shy Smile Shy Smile

Messaging Messaging

Cornflowers (f2.5) Cornflowers f2.5

Panasonic G3 Test Shots

Mr A Surpised me with a gift - a secondhand Panasonic G3. These are some test shots from its first outing.Spa Pavilion

The Story of the Bench

How did it happen? How did it come to take so many pictures of people on one particular bench, and then to take so many pictures of people on other benches? Like all good things it happened by accident.

Website Woes

My previous website died! How? Well I thought I would give WordPress another go, so I installed it thinking I could work on it behind the scenes. That would have worked had I put it on its own folder. I didn't and it immediately hid my original website built with Koken, behind the scenes.

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