24mm RMC Tokina II 2.8

This is another manual focus lens tha doesn't get particularly good reviews. I like it though, when you hit that sweet spot I think it gives cracking results. There's no A setting so aperture settings listed here are just those I recall.

Settings for this dial thingy were f11 ISI 400 1/125sec Dial thingy

Autumnal bits and bobs settings were f8 ISO 400 1/400sec Autumnal bits and bobs

I think this ws f4 or 5.6 other settings ISO 320 1/500sec Flowering beauty

Settings for these rays of sunshine were the same as the previous Rays of Sunshine

This shaded rose was trying to reach out to the sunshine, if I recall corectly it was taken at f4 ot maybe it was 2.8 ISO was 320 speed 1/1000 Shaded rose

Enough of the settings, just enjoy! Sunflower

Just checking my manual focusing abilities. ladybird

Had to have alittle go with some street snapping. Just a tad scared

Post processing for mono What day is it?

And finally... Pigeon fancier

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