Takumar (bayonet) 135mm 2.5

I have many old lenses I've picked up over the years, occasionally I take one out, usually attached to my Pentax K5-iis. Today I took the above lens out. Looking online it doesn't have a great reputation. It's prone to CA but otherwise I found it a fun lens. Judge for yourself from the photos below. Where I've remembered the f setting I used I've added it in the title.

Defensive robin (f2.5) Defensive robin (f2.5)

Dewy rose (f5.6) Dewy rose (f5.6)

Pink folds (f8) Pink folds (f8)

Singing robin (f4) Singing robin (f4)

I wasn't singing I wasn't singing

Cracked Cracked

Caught sneaking under a picnic bench Caught sneaking under a picnic bench

Nuts Nuts

A nice cup of tea A nice cup of tea

Shy Smile Shy Smile

Messaging Messaging

Cornflowers (f2.5) Cornflowers f2.5

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