To Flickr or Not to Flickr

I'm contemplating what to do whilst I decide Whether to be blackmailed into going Pro at Flickr. Meanwhile I've decided to upload more photos here even though I'm still not completley happy with this website. Only a fraction of the photos I take ever get uploaded, so here's the pick of today's photos.

A waterfall of poppys adorn St Peter's Church in Sudbury A waterfall of poppys

A Lone Poppy Lone Poppy

Good to see some purple poppies to commemorate the brave animals of WWII Purple Poppies

It was very hard to get a good picture of this figure A Reflective Tommy

Shame the parked cars were in front of the town hall Town Hall

A bit of street snapping Giving it the works

I was just thinking that the closed and boarded up Tory club was karma when I spotted that can of beer called Thatcher's Haze sitting on the wall. It seemed apt somehow Thatcher's Haze

Odd one out Ducks

Bridge of Shadows Bridge of shadows

Jump Jump

Splash Splash

Framed Meadow Framed Meadows

Reflected Sky reflected sky

The Mill Pond The Mill Pond

Field of Remembrance Field of Remembrance

A final look at the church St Peter's Church

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