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My previous website died! How? Well I thought I would give WordPress another go, so I installed it thinking I could work on it behind the scenes. That would have worked had I put it on its own folder. I didn't and it immediately hid my original website built with Koken, behind the scenes. I soon realised that to get anywhere with "free" WordPress you have to pay money; for themes, for widgets, for add-ons etc. OK they all have a free version but all such free versions tell you that "This feature is only available in the Pro version" So i didn't get very far before I deleted the project. In doing so it made my original website unreachable.

So why did I decide to change the CMS on my website? I was using Koken which had a lot going for it, the back end was extremely easy to manage, the free themes were easy to tweak, but none of those themes were quite what I wanted, hence the experiment with WordPress after which I was unable to log into the backend of Koken. A query on the Koken community board only got one answer in 5 days. So I Googled only to discover that the Koken project seemed to have stalled, if not stopped entirely, (though I notice paid support is still out there.)

So I then proceeded to try many different CMS systems by building them on my PC, some fell at the first hurdle with installation problems. Those that didn't either had a steep learning curve, made it difficult to post content or difficult to tweak the themes. I finally found PageKit, hopefully this one will continue to be developed.

Currently this website is still a work in progress, so expect changes and occasional off-line mode

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